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Choose DiagnoEasy for unparalleled medical care right at your doorstep in Kolkata. Our skilled professionals deliver expert medical procedures to your home in Kolkata, combining convenience with the highest standards of medical excellence. Opt for DiagnoEasy to experience safe, personalized, and efficient Medical Procedure at home in Kolkata tailored to your individual health requirements. Trust us to provide you with the care you deserve, ensuring comfort without sacrificing quality

Skilled Medical Staff

Our skilled, responsible, qualified, and dedicated group of medical professionals is poised to offer quality medical services right at your doorsteps.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

We use the latest medical technologies to make sure every medical procedure at home in Kolkata is carried out in conditions that can be provided by any of the best hospitals.

Personalized Care

A Personalized Care is ensured that the customer is able to receive the specialized care with the severity and causes of their particular issue.

Convenience and Comfort

Save yourself from the hustle and bustle of visiting the hospital and get quality medical attention from professionals within your home

Comprehensive Services

We provide services ranging from IV therapy to wound stitching, ensuring all your medical needs are under one roof.

Safety and Hygiene

Every home medical procedure in Kolkata maintains the highest standards in safety and hygiene protocols to ensure you are safe from the risk of any infections and complications.

24/7 Availability

Our services are available all the time in order to ensure you get help in medical care at any time of the day or night

Ryles Tube Insertion

We provide Ryles Tube Insertion service at your home with utmost safety and professionally to the patients who requires gastrointestinal feeding or medication.This is done by very highly competent,trained & experienced medical staff.This procedure is vital , given that some people may not have the ability to feed through the mouth due to a range of health challenges. They use sterile equipment and strictly follow all their protocols so that the process is both effective and does not cause discomfort to the patient. By having Ryles tube insertion service at home , patients would never again have to subject themselves to such a great deal of stress just to get the necessary care

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Bladder Wash

Our Bladder Wash service is a very important medical procedure conducted right in your comfortable home. It incorporates relieving and healing from suffering from urinary complications such as infections and the formation of sediment within the bladder. In this gentle but effective procedure the bladder is flushed with some sterile solution to get rid of its impurities and irritants. The treatment is provided by our experienced healthcare providers with the highest level of accuracy and care to make sure that the patient gets the minimum discomfort and the best-desired effect. The at-home Bladder Wash service ensures that they maintain their dignity and comfort without putting up with frequent hospital trips, assuring them of getting the medical attention they deserve.


Our Catheterization Service is designed for affordable , convenient and professional care to persons in need of Urinary Catheter Placement right at their very homes. This procedure is crucial for patients who are unable to urinate naturally due to medical conditions such as urinary retention, surgery recovery, or severe illnesses. The whole process shall be conducted by our very highly trained medical personnel, with best hygienic standards in place and care toward minimizing and assuring safety while bringing down the risk factor due to infections to the minimal level. This helped to ensure that patients did not have to go through hospital admissions just to receive catheterization services.

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IV Cannulation

This is a one of critical medical procedures that we provide,It is one of the essential services since it provides intravenous access required by patients for hydration, administration of medication, or the infusion of nutrients directly at home. IV Cannulation is conducted by highly trained and qualified medical personnel, who guarantee precision and safety in placement with minimal discomfort and the least likely complications to arise. Offering the service at home avoids exposing the patients to frequent travels to the hospital, at times which may be stressful, and ensures they get all the required medical attention throughout. It is beneficial not only to the patients in terms of enhanced comfort but also reaps improved health results from maintaining the routine medical supervision of the same familiar surroundings.

Saline Administration

Our service Saline Administration provides the convenience and effectiveness of undergoing a medical procedure at home in Kolkata. Basically, the procedure involves the administration of a saline solution intravenously into the body to hydrate it and introduce medication or electrolytes. This procedure is carried out with the help of our qualified personnel out at home in a sterile and safe setup. Opting for our at-home service makes it possible for the patient to recover more comfortably with less interruption in their daily schedules. Choose Saline Administration from among our services for reliable and professional medical procedures at your home in Kolkata, ensuring your best health management is done.

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Intravenous Injection

Our IV Injection service involves providing the most critical medication injected directly into the bloodstream, without the patient ever having to leave their home. Our qualified health care specialists learned special techniques in order to make the injections maximally comfortable and cause the patient minimum stress. Most people these days, therefore, opt for intravenous injection as a home medical procedure in Kolkata. It not only saves time but also the traveling and the emotional and physical strains involved with moving to the medical facilities. This is hence suitable for a continuous or emergency care need.

Surgical Dressing

Surgical Dressing is an important medical procedure at home in Kolkata that we provide. Our Surgical Dressing Service is an essential service meant to administer expert management of wound care at your home's comfort. People who are in the process of recovery after surgery, from injuries, or for persons with chronic wounds. These dressing change activities are performed by professionally trained doctors. In the activity, sterile material and the standard of dressing are used for checking the healing process and infection control. By offering surgical dressing as a medical procedure at home in Kolkata, we ensure that patients receive personalized care that promotes faster recovery while minimizing the risk of complications. By providing this medical procedure at home it provides the patients peace of mind that they have access to professional medical attention at all times.

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Enema Treatment

Our Enema Treatment is a gentle but effective way to relieve patients who are suffering from constipation or those needing bowel cleansing for any kind of medical assessments. The procedure includes the installation of fluid into the colon through the rectum and is provided by our skilled health professionals in the safety, hygiene, and dignity of the client at their home. Home enema treatment would also put our patients in an environment that is known to them; no more nursing in places with white coats.

Blood Transfusion

Our Blood Transfusion service provides much-needed support to patients who require blood or blood Transfusion on account of conditions such as anemia, surgical recovery, or trauma. Of paramount importance is that the process is always carried out by highly skilled professionals assuring maximum safety and rigid medical standards. Our use of the best equipment and adherence to strict safety guidelines ensure that every transfusion is done with perfection, keeping in view the lowest chances of reactions and greatest therapeutic benefits. We bring the convenience of home by providing blood transfusions at home, ensuring patients do not experience the stress and convenience of going to hospitals to facilitate a more comfortable and reassuring recovery environment.

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Wound Stitching

Our Wound Stitching can actually be termed as the most critical medical procedure at home in Kolkata, custom-made for patients who need professional ,proper healing and keeping it free from infections. This service is carried out by trained medical practitioners who pay you a visit at home carrying along with them all sterile equipment necessary for suturing wounds that are accidentally got, surgically cut, or any other condition. We also provide a level of care on par with the best, all in the most comfortable surroundings, thus saving our patients from stressful and possibly risky visits to hospitals. This mode of care, being patient-centered, is bound to speed up the rate of recovery and help increase patient comfort as they go through the healing process.

What is Ryles Tube Insertion for?
Ryles Tube Insertion is a technique used for patients who are unable to eat by mouth due to illness or other factors. It provides a direct way to administer nutrition and medication into the stomach, ensuring patients receive the necessary sustenance and treatment.
How safe is Bladder Wash at home?
Bladder Wash at home is performed under highly sterile conditions by trained professionals. This safe procedure helps remove sediments and decrease the risk of urinary tract infections, enhancing patient comfort and health.
What does Catheterization help with?
Catheterization is crucial for individuals unable to evacuate the urinary bladder naturally due to medical conditions or surgery. It aids in long-term bladder management and helps prevent urinary complications.
Is IV Cannulation painful?
IV Cannulation involves minimal to no discomfort, managed by the proficiency of our medical professional. Our team ensures a comfortable experience providing swift medication or hydration administration.
What's included in the Saline Administration?
Saline Administration involves hydrating the patient and delivering medications accurately into the bloodstream. It provides immediate relief and treatment, crucial for patients requiring rapid effects from medications or fluid replacement.
How quick is an Intravenous Injection?
Intravenous Injection offers rapid medication delivery into the bloodstream for instant effects. This method is ideal for urgent medical treatments, performed by certified professionals to ensure safety and effectiveness.
Care tips after Surgical Dressing?
After a surgical dressing, it is vital to keep the wound clean and dry to prevent infection. Regularly check for signs of redness, swelling, or discharge and consult our healthcare team promptly for any issue.
Who needs Enema Treatment?
Enema Treatment is beneficial for individuals with severe constipation or those needing bowel cleansing before diagnostic procedures or surgery. It helps alleviate discomfort and prepares the intestine for further medical intervention.
Is Blood Transfusion at home safe?
Blood Transfusion at home adheres to the highest safety standards, including thorough compatibility testing under the supervision of experienced medical professionals, ensuring safe and effective treatment tailored to patient needs.
Benefits of Wound Stitching at home?
Wound Stitching at home allows for professional closure of wounds, promoting proper healing and reducing infection risks. This service provides the convenience of care in your own environment, easing the recovery process and minimizing stress.
How to book a Medical Procedure at Home in Kolkata?
To book a Medical Procedure at Home in Kolkata, contact us via phone or our website. Our team will arrange a convenient time for you to receive timely and personalized care at your doorstep.
What makes Medical Procedure at Home in Kolkata special?
Our Medical Procedure at Home in Kolkata offers personalized care, professional expertise, and comfort in your own home. This service eliminates the need for hospital visits, significantly enhancing the recovery experience in a familiar environment.
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